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"My wife and I have had several massage sessions with Lisa VanOverbake over the past year. She is by far the best massage therapist that I have experienced, ever!  I particularly enjoy the Chakra work that Lisa offers to complement the physical aspects of massage.  And of course, enjoying massage in the comfort of your own home can’t be beat."

— DG

"Thanks Lisa. I went to you because I knew that you could identify and work the areas of my body that were screaming out for help. My right shoulder and lower back were giving me pain and I had to postpone my golf. You were able to fit me in the next day and help me to get back to my game. Highly recommended 5 stars."

— RM

"We are long-time massage recipients who recently relocated to Florida from New England.  We were fortunate to have a lengthy relationship with our previous massage therapist up north and were concerned we would not be able to find a superior professional therapist to work with here in Florida.  After our first appointment with Lisa, all of our concerns went away.  Simply put, Lisa is an excellent massage therapist!  She spent a great deal of time talking with us about our needs and expectations before our first appointment and was able to deliver exactly what we were looking for.  She is up on the latest techniques and makes appropriate recommendations based on what our needs might be at that time.  Lisa is not only amazing at her craft; she is also a quality person and a kind soul who is genuinely concerned about the well-being of her clients.  We would offer our highest recommendation for Lisa and have no plans to work with anyone else."

—  JLW

"I’m a 58 year old woman that stays physically active despite two back fusions .. Lisa keeps me active and pain-free .. I’ve been to many physical therapists over the years, as well as massage therapists, but none of them come close to accomplishing what Lisa has accomplished for me .. she’s extremely knowledgeable on how our body’s work, how muscle strains and stress cause our body’s to shut down.. Lisa gets right to the problem .. I prefer a deep tissue massage, however, my husband prefers a lighter massage .. Lisa comes to our home, is super professional, and works magic!   Thank you Lisa for all u do!"

— TD

"Lisa is a master of her craft. I've seen her a number of times and she's worked miracles on my aches and pains. She's easy to talk to and even more so to be comfortable around. Highly recommended if you're looking for one of the best!"

—  DD

"Lisa is amazing! She is very intuitive and I always leave feeling positive, relaxed and refreshed and balanced. I have been to many massage therapists and she is by far the most outstanding. My body, mind and soul thanks her!"

— SR


"I've continued to see Lisa over the years as my preferred massage therapist. Years ago I was in a severe car accident that has left me with nerve and spinal damage. Lisa has an amazing ability to help me manage my pain. The sustained relief is what makes me a loyal client. I typically get a two hour deep tissue massage when I see her. It's great to have a massage therapist I can trust to give me the results I need."

— MZ

"I've received many massages from many different therapists & I found Lisa's session to be outstanding! I'm a retired professional concert dancer & dancers have special needs. Lisa knew exactly what my body needed & alleviated all the tightness, aches & pains. She must have had a giant spatula to heave me off the table because I don't remember how I ended up standing - I was so relaxed! I so highly recommend her work. You won't be sorry!"

—  AQ


"I woke up with a terrible migraine and Peppermint saved my entire day and turned it around! Thank you for everything, you have changed MY entire world with these oils! Also, I have changed the minds of all of my family members with the wonderful PanAway oil. My dad has arthritis in both of his knees and I mixed some with coconut oil and he loved it!"

—  TE


"A+++++ Lisa performed a deep tissue massage. She focused on certain areas of my body that were stiff and needed work. Each session lasted an hour. I've been to her about 5 times and am always really Happy with the work she does on me. The space she works in is peaceful. I always feel at home in sessions. During the massage we also incorporate conscious breathing and I think that really adds to the experience. I cant say anything needs to be changed. Im really grateful to have a massage therapist who knows what she is doing and who makes a difference in how my body feels and functions."

—  KK

"I appreciate Lisa's high level of professionalism. She is always on-time and shows up 100%. She listens to all my concerns and areas I would like addressed and customizes her pressure, modality, and technique so perfectly. Lisa really can feel what needs to get done and does so very thoroughly. I appreciate her so much and our weekly sessions. They make my life incredibly better. I feel like I can think clearer, move easier, and have an overall sense of ease. Initially, our sessions were to work through some long-standing pain, now they are just because I enjoy them so much!"

— MV

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