FL Lic. # MA84110

(941) 960-0018   LisaVOB@gmail.com

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Lisa VanOverbake, a true artist, began her career in 2003 in luxury spas + fitness clubs in Chicago, IL.

Throughout her career, Lisa has worked with renowned clients to perform at their best mentally + physically.

In 2016, Lisa moved to sunny Florida to bask in the salty air.

With over 16 years experience, Lisa blends many helpful modalities to reach your specific needs. She began her studies with Rolfing and getting certified in Structural Integration and Massage Therapy. Over the years, she has added modalities such as Cranial Sacral, Lymphatic, Accupressure, Energywork, Reiki, Body Rolling, Stretching and more to her repertoire.

She can soothe you into a stress-free zone which is perfect for maintaining good health and she LOVES the mental benefits clients see when wrapping up big projects, starting new ones, helping in their creative process, or just because. 


She is a favorite to athletes with her deep, sports work. She has improved performance for professional athletes throughout her career and loves to help improve golf scores! 


If Lisa isn’t helping people stay on their feet, she is helping them get back on them. Clients rely on her during their recovery process from injuries, joint replacements, and other surgeries. She loves to see your victories and cheer you on!


Lisa wants you live your best life and feel your best doing it. Her structural knowledge, intuitive touch, and incredible sessions are sure to keep you performing at your best.

She is a master of her craft to the praise of regular clients, families, athletes, and celebrities alike.


Skills include:

Myofascial Release



Deep Tissue

Trigger Point Therapy


Rolfing/Structural Therapy


Cranial Sacral


Chakra Balancing


Body Rolling